Thursday, April 10, 2014

Building castles

This morning we were able to finish up our castles in the style of Paul Klee's "Castle and Sun."

During Jesus time today we nailed black pieces of paper to a piece of wood to remind us that our dirty sins were the reason that Jesus died for us.

 During small groups today we built towers by copying towers in pictures. Some of were ale to build some pretty complicated towers.

We also colored castle pictures

We played a listening game as well. Mrs. Helmkamp played a sound effect and we had to listen to find out if the picture was on our poster. We had to listen carefully because sometimes the sounds were hard to figure out. 

We really enjoyed our time outside today and everyone played together so well outside. 

We used cardboard to build our own castles. We had to fit the groves together to make the towers and walls.

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