Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Mrs. Helmkamp brought in a book from home that helps teach how to draw different race vehicles. Nicholas was excited to draw the monster truck.

Painting tulips. We had to follow 3 steps. 
1. draw the vase
2. draw the stems
3. paint the flowers

We had a fun new toy to try outside (I found it at Schnucks in the outdoor section). It took lots of coordination and partnership to get it to work.

We had chapel today led by the Student Council. 

They taught us about letting God's light shine in the darkness. We even learned a fun rhyme.
Flashlight, flashlight, shine so bright.
Shine like Jesus, and his might 

During our small groups we cut out crowns. It was very tricky cutting and good practice for us to learn how to turn the paper as we cut.

 We also drew pictures for our "May There Always be Sunshine" book. We are practicing singing the song everyday so that we can record it soon and have our own copy.

 We got to add up to 10 jewels to our crowns. They are very fancy!
 We started using paper mache to make helmets so that we dress up like knights. Only a few students got started today but we will continue tomorrow and next week.

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