Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This morning we did water-resist crosses with watercolor paints.

During Jesus Time we had an Easter egg hunt. Everyone got to find 3 small eggs and 1 big one.

When we opened the eggs we found that the large egg was Empty just like Jesus' tomb.

During small groups we made resurrection rolls. See link for more information
 We painted watercolor Eggs while Mrs. Helmkamp tested letter sounds.
 We also matched patterned eggs.

For snack we celebrated Nathan's birthday with Birthday Cake Oreos and we had our resurrection rolls.
 The roll was empty just like the tomb. The marshmallow melted in the oven to leave the roll hollow.

We worked on making our "May There Always be Sonshine" book. Everyone picked what they want there to always be and then found a picture on the computer to go with it.

Photographer Nathan's pictures.

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