Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Do you know who died for me?

This morning before school we used cardboard to to make prints to decorate Easter Eggs.

During Jesus time this week we are talking about the Resurrection. We have been singing the song, "Do You Know Who Died for Me"
Do you know who rose for me? Jesus did, Jesus did.

During our small groups we made "Happy Easter" cards 

Some of also got to try to match Easter Eggs as they finished their card.

We also colored Easter Eggs. We are working on trying to stay in the lines and using different colors for different parts.

We used pattern cards to match plastic eggs together. It was tricky to make sure we had the right pieces together.

We spent a little bit of time outside running around while the nurses started our hearing and vision screening.

During our free play time we painted our castles

Some of us made or added flags to our castles

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