Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Family Crests

Working on cutting our castle flags from the paintings we made earlier this week.

A few of us still has to make shaving cream marbled paintings

During small groups we worked on syllables. We clapped out the sounds in each persons name to figure out if they had 1,2, or 3 syllables. Some of us need more guidance than others counting the claps to decide the syllables. Others were able to do it on their own and try other words too.

We also played the shape game again with a little more guidance

We got to color in our church year books.

In the gym we played with the other half day preschoolers. Students got to take turns to pick what animal we would pretend to be. We were Alligators, Snakes, Elephants, Lions, and many other animals

In the classroom we continued to work on our Family Crests or Coat of Arms. We picked our our design and then picked symbols to put on it. We had lots of cutting practice.

Photographer Brady's pictures - I would also like to share with everyone that today was Brady's last dat at school with us because they have a new house that is too far from school. We will all miss Brady but we are excited for him and his new house.

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