Monday, April 7, 2014

Paul Klee Castles

This week during drop off time we are working on copying artist Paul Klee's work "Castle and Sun" seen below. We are using different shapes. Squares, rectangles, and triangles. We are discovering how the shapes can fit together to make similar shapes.

In Jesus time this week we are talking about Good Friday and how Jesus died on the cross for us.

During small groups we practiced identifying numbers and counting with knights.

We also learned a new game. We rolled the dice and then had to count the spaces to move forward.

We got to paint a picture of a knight as well.

This week we are learning about knights and how a boy would become a knight. Everyone was quite surprised that if a boy wanted to be a knight or his family wanted him to be a knight, he would leave his home at the age of 7 and live in the castle as a Page.

We painted pictures of castles. We looked at pictures of castles on the wall to try to paint what we saw.

During our music time today we did the song Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack.
We tried to play a hand clapping game along with the song. It was great to see them working together. Clapping together on rhythm is very tricky.

Singing My Granny went to the County Fair

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