Thursday, April 3, 2014

Family Crests complete

We finished up our shaving cream painting this morning before we got started for the day. It takes very controlled fingers not to squeeze out all the watercolor at once.

Cutting the paintings into flags

During small groups we worked on syllables. We clapped out the sounds in each persons name to figure out if they had 1,2, or 3 syllables. Some of us need more guidance than others counting the claps to decide the syllables. Others were able to do it on their own and try other words too.
We played the shapes game with Mrs. Schilling. This game helps us learn how to take turns and we practice our shapes and colors.

We had chapel this morning with Mrs. Bernhardt. She teaches 1st grade at Zion. 

She shared a story about Jesus healing a blind man by putting mud on his eyes.

The girls played very well together today in the castle. 

The knights are at war

Liam and Dominic worked very hard on their creation all day.

We all finished our Coat of Arms/Family Crests. They all turned out great. Each student decided what shape they wanted and cut it out.

Our finished wall of Family Crests!!! Don't they look great!

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