Monday, March 31, 2014

This morning we started making marbled paintings using shaving cream and watercolors. When we swirl the colors on the shaving cream it has a marbled effect. Then we can lay the paper on top to transfer the color. 

For Jesus Time we are watching "The Jesus Movie" We started about half way through so that we could talk about Holy Week.

Playing in the rock pit was popular today. Having new shovels and pans sparked new interest in digging.

I apologize for the lack of pictures today. I'm not sure where the time went today.

During our small groups we played a shapes game where we had to take turns rolling the dice and then getting the right color and shape to put on our picture.

Mrs. Horton worked with some friends on finding pictures that went together because they had the same sound. (Alliteration)

Mrs. Helmkamp helped students with their journal and also assessed students on their knowledge of letter identification.

We had a very short free play time today so a few students were able to start making their shields. We will be each making our own coat of arms. First we have to cut our shield and cover it with aluminum foil. Then we will add different colors and shapes and animals to make our coat of arms.

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