Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Voting Today

This morning in Jesus time we talked about Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is still many weeks away but throughout the next few weeks we will talk about several of the events that happened during Holy Week. We learned how Jesus came to Jerusalem on a donkey and the people praised Him by laying down their coats and waving palm branches.

During small groups we worked on sorting and rhyming. Some of us were able to sort in lots of different ways.

It has been so great to go outside again and enjoy spending time with our friends in the other classes

The neighbors had a small dog in their yard.

We made posters to tell others to that we are voting.

We each took a turn in the voting booth to cast our votes for what we want to learn about next.

Then we put our votes in the basket upside down to keep it a secret and got an "I Voted" sticker

We also made red white and blue paintings using string of different thicknesses

 Photographer Adrian's Pictures

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