Thursday, March 6, 2014

Campaign Speeches

We started our day today talking about Lent and Ash Wednesday. We put away our Alleluia words and Butterflies until Easter.

In small groups today we worked on making our own pattern, lacing cards, and we practiced the letters B and P. Some of us even came up with lists of words that start with B and P

This morning after snack lots of us were very interested in the books
Grace retold the story, "Grace for President" that we read yesterday. Her friends Addie and Alex were happy to listen 

Thirty degree weather feels like a heat wave. We took some time today to go out on the church parking lot to play. There are barriers setup to keep the kids safe.

Each of us got the chance to do our campaign speech today. We stood up on the "stage" and told everyone else in the room what we thought we should learn about and why. See the video below. Some choose not to make their speech again if they did it yesterday.

After our speeches each person wrote their name on 2 pieces of paper so that they could vote for two ideas.

We also made ash crosses on purple paper for Lent

The Preliminary Results are in:
Trains: 3
Dragons: 3
Monster Trucks: 2
Sting Rays: 1
Space: 4
Rainbows: 9
Princesses/Castle: 8
Oceans: 8

This is a class auction item.  The auction is on April 4th. It is a fun adults night out and a great celebration of Zion.

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