Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This morning we had Ash Wednesday Chapel with the  rest of the school led by Pastor Rouland.

Pastor reminded us that Lent is a time to be sorry for our sins and to remember that Jesus takes our sins away on the cross.

At the end of the service. Pastor Reitz put ash crosses on our heads as a reminder that we are sinful and Jesus takes our sins away.

We were a little stir crazy after chapel so we went outside for just a little while.  They really had a great time running on the blacktop and playing tag. The blacktop is setup with barriers to keep the children safe during recess.

This morning during small groups we worked on the letters P and B. We also made patterns on paper with star stickers.

 After everyone finished their campaign we gave our campaign speech. Everyone got the chance to get on the "stage" and tell everyone what they think we should learn about and why.

After our speeches we had our preliminary election. Everyone got 2 votes. They had to write their name and then they could vote for 2 different ideas. Most voted for their own idea and then one other persons.

Final results.
I will use the results to narrow our choices to just three things to vote for next week in our big election.

In honor of Ash Wednesday we painted ash crosses on purple paper. We will leave our crosses up through Lent to help us remember that Jesus died for our sins.

We also added sticker stars to our flags we painted earlier in the week.

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