Thursday, March 27, 2014

Castle play

Playing Games:
Board and card games help teach your child about aspiration, success, and disappointment. They will gain experience with both winning and losing. Games also give you the opportunity to teach your preschooler about rules, about integrity and honesty, and about luck. Games also can help increase your child's ability to focus his/her attention. Game playing enables and encourages your preschooler to practice important social skills that he/she will need to play well with other children. Nearly all games, for example, involve taking turns, sharing dice or a spinner, waiting for your turn, patience, and learning how to be a good sport.

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Audrey and Grace taught Alex how to play our new knights game.

This morning in Jesus time the students helped me to recall the lesson we learned this week about the woman who poured fragrant oil on Jesus' feet to show how much she honored and loved Him.

During small groups we worked on grouping objects to count them and make it easier. Such as we know that 5+5= 10 (from looking at our fingers on our hands) so if we have 2 groups of five we can easily add them to make 10. We practiced counting one set and then when we add one more we don't have to recount we can start with what we know and then add the new numbers.

We also practiced our fine motor skills by helping the knight make it to the castle, and by helping tracing and writing in missing letters of words.

We played our dice counting game again as well.

During center time we drew pictures of castles

We worked on painting water for the moat of our classroom castle

We cut blocks to make our castle look more like a stone castle

We all enjoyed playing together in the castle. They kept saying, "hurry get in for protection"

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