Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ready for Ash Wednesday

We were very excited this morning to have Pastor Reitz as a special guest in our classroom. He came to tell us about Ash Wednesday. We talked about how Jesus died on the cross for our sins and that Lent is a time for us to think about all of the bad things we do and to be sorry for them.

He showed us the ashes and let us feel that they aren't hot.

In chapel we will be able to pick whether we want a cross on our forehead or hand

After Pastor left we went exploring in the church. We took a ride on the elevator to the top floor where we met Mrs. Thoelke and explored the music room and then the balcony.

We noticed some things were different in the church. There were candles in the aisles and black fabric on the alter

In small groups today we worked on writing letters with the magnet boards and making patterns with blocks. Mrs. Helmkamp challenged us with some pretty difficult patterns.

In class today we read a book about the American flag and a book about Elections. We are going to have our own election at school next week to decide what we should learn about. Each student is making their own campaign poster with their ideas.

We had lots of fun ideas for our next project. Oceans, Princesses, Trains, Rainbows

We also made tape pictures. Using the masking tape we were able to practice using scissors. It also took lots of work with our fingers to get the tape where we wanted it.
Some of us were very dedicated to making tape pictures

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