Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Feast

This morning we made popcorn for our feast. It was fun watching the popcorn pop! 

We also got to help setup the hallway for our feast by bringing out the chairs

While our floor was empty we used some clorox wipes under our feet to skate/clean the floor.

In chapel Mrs. Douglas started us off by teaching us a new praise song.

Then Pastor Reitz led chapel and shared with us things we should be thankful for

While we were at chapel the aides and Mrs. Hoehner got everything ready for our special snack!
We came back and were ready for our feast. Everyone decided what hat they were going to wear and we had snack in the hallway with all of the preschool classes.

it was so much fun to have snack sitting with everyone

While the teachers cleaned up the Pilgrims and Indians got to watch the Berenstain Bears Prize Pumpkin movie. The show talked about being thankful for what we have.

After snack we decorated crosses to remind us we are thankful for Jesus

 We also finished drawing pictures for our thanksgiving stories

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