Monday, November 10, 2014

Thanksgiving Rules

Free Play time
I think they were sharing "battle" scars

Such a beautiful morning outside

In our large group time we read a book called Thanksgiving Rules about a boy how as 10 rules to having a good Thanksgiving.

In our small groups we added whipped topping to pumpkin pies. We had to match the number of spoonfuls to the number on the pie.

We used Duplo blocks to paint our papers to look like Indian corn.

We used colored noodles to make necklaces we will use for our Thanksgiving feast.

We also wrote stories about what our families do at Thanksgiving. We got to color pictures while we waited for our turn.

In Jesus time we are continuing the story of Moses as we talk about God providing food for His people in the dessert.

In the gym we got out the jr. basketballs to play with.

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