Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Free play 

Today we heard from Pastor Sam Thomson and the CRC, Christian Resources Center in India.  So far this year we have collected $1,263 in offerings to support the ministry in India.  Pastor Sam shared with us the mission of the CRC is to GO- to the villages where the children are,
PREACH- Jesus is the true God who wants to love and save them, and TEACH- the Bible through Bible studies, Village groups, and 150 special events throughout the year.  Pastor Sam shared a story about a boy who didn't know about an umbrella and how to use it.  Pastor Sam told us we need to use the Bible, we need to open it, read it, and study the Bible so that we can know about Jesus.
Thank you for your continued support and prayers for Pastor Sam and the children of India and the CRC

We did brave the outside today with Miss Kirby's class. We will try to go outside as much as possible. Being outside is good for us. We will bundle up with hats, gloves, and warm coats to enjoy the outdoors.

This morning we had some extra projects to finish. We had a few who needed to finish their noodle necklaces, draw their pictures for their Thanksgiving story, and a few other things. Since we had so many small things to do we had another free play time to allow others to finish their work.

We played really well during free play and students got into some really elaborate play.
They used the Lego Book to try to build something from the pictures.

In the Gym we rolled on mats and bounced basketballs.

Sorry for the lack of pictures (Mrs. Schilling had trouble getting her photo's to sync to the ipod this afternoon)

Class photographer Emmy's picture

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