Monday, November 17, 2014

Wampanoag Indians

Free play this morning

several children sat down and played a game together that involved rolling 2 dice to see what color and shape to place on their game board.

Large Motor Play in the Commons
Many of them got together to play Ring Around the Rosie

We all fall down
 In the classroom during our large group time we started to learn about the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians.
 During small groups we made our Indian headdresses. Each child had to cut out feathers to match how old they are.

We were very excited to get to "play" with Skittles. We had to sort them and place them on our sorting card to match the circles. Our hands had to be very steady as we placed the Skittles on the card. But we were most excited about getting to eat 2 when we were done.

We got to use markers today to color our Indian pictures. We are really working on trying to color carefully and staying in the lines. It was good to see many of them taking their time as they were coloring.

With Mrs. Schilling students made turkeys with feathers to spell their names. 

For Jesus Time this week we are talking about Moses and the 10 commandments. We watched a short video to see the story.

We had some time in the gym today before lunch. It was kind of crazy with 3 classes using they gym all at once. We are really liking using the basketballs in the gym.

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