Friday, November 7, 2014

Letter T

Outside Time

the sun was too bright for this picture
 In our large group time we read a book called This is Thanksgiving I had the students look carefully for a letter that showed up on every page. At the end we realized that we saw the letter "T" on each page! We also made a list of words that start with the letter T

In our small groups, students used a pattern for the Lite Brite to follow as they put the pegs in.

With Mrs. Lind we matched the silhouettes of different pictures and played a which is missing game.

 We also played with shaving cream and practiced writing the letter T

Students also got to color some pictures for scarecrows. Some of us are getting good at trying to stay in the lines and use different colors.

In the gym we got to use the mats to roll. We practiced summer saults and log rolls.

 During Jesus time we used the SMARTboard to fix the story of Moses. We have to change the silly answers to the story to the correct answers.

Mrs. Helm's read a story before naptime.

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