Thursday, November 6, 2014

Toilet Paper Soup

Free Play Time
Very proud of his creation with all the curves

Outside time
We got out the TeePee to shelter us from the wind

In the classroom for large group time I gave the students a mission: to get the toilet paper off the roll.

Everyone had a different method. But we loved draping it around the room.

and rolling around in it.

After the fun we and a second mission: to get it in the containers

During small groups the students used a scissors and soap bar to make shavings with the soap. We were going to turn our toilet paper into soapy soup
 In one small group we glued together our person to go with the Little Old Lady who Swallowed a Pie. Those who were done got to look at books.

In another small group we worked on matching shadows with the object

We got to play with our soapy soup in another small group. It as fun to see the suds and play with the mess.

With Mrs. Schilling students put together their Moses parting the Red Sea picture. 

 For Jesus Time we had a special guest. Moses (Mr. Hansen our DCE) came and told us his life story.

Class Photographer Brody's pictures

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