Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gymnastics class was awesome

Free play time

We got out a new toy called Mystic Mosaics. We worked together to try to match the patterns in the book. It was good practice figuring out which way to put the pieces to make the shapes.

The boys were pretending the chairs were a train until we decided that dragging the chairs around the classroom was not a good idea.
 We had a great time outside. The weather was pretty pleasant for late fall.

We once again had snack in our classroom because the Commons was used for gymnastics class.
 Reading books after snack.

In Jesus time we talked about the 10 commandments especially:
Honor your father and your mother
Do not murder
Do not commit adultry
Do not steal
We talked about how these commandments mean more than what they say. We also remembered that sometimes it is hard to follow the rules and we break them but that God forgives us.

We were super excited to have gymnastics today with Miss Tracy from Tumble Bumble gymnastics.

They did some tick tock stretches to start

Bear crawl

Crab walk

log rolling



They LOVED it

We also finished up a few projects in the classroom (we forgot to take pictures). We finished our Thankful plates and our Pilgrim hats.

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