Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thanksgiving preparations

We had an extended free playtime today since it was too cold to go outside and the Commons was being used for something else. The students played really well together and came up with some interesting play.

Kingsley was very proud that he put together all of the structures from the pictures.

We had snack in our classroom today since the Commons was being used. We got some extra time to look at books together.

During our small groups we made our Indian headdresses by cutting out feathers equal to our age.

We used Skittles to do some color sorting. It took lots of fine motor control to place the Skittles in the right places.

We colored pictures of Indians. I encouraged the students to work on coloring in the lines and using small movements to color different parts of the picture.

We made turkeys with feathers to spell our our names. 

We heard the story of Moses and the 10 Commandments from our Moses puppet. 

Since we couldn't go outside this morning we did some silly dancing songs in our classroom. This one is called Tooty Ta.

Class Photographer Delaney's pictures

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