Thursday, September 26, 2013

This is Zion VoiceThread Final

We were the first to the playground today. So we enjoyed being playing with just our class.

Scooping up rocks in the house

The signs have been a hit. We enjoy carrying them around and making them stand up in the rocks.

Kicking the ball with Mrs. Schilling

 Andrew Nelson, the Director of Family Life and Youth at Chapel of the Cross Lutheran Church, led our chapel.  We played "Andrew Says" (Simon Says) and learned how the disciples followed what Jesus said. We learned that we follow the words of important people like our parents, teachers, and pastors, and especially the words of Jesus!

 We learned a new song about where to start writing our letters and worked on starting at the top of the line and drawing to the bottom.

 We painted Joseph's coat of many colors

We completed a VoiceThread to show what we learned about Zion last week.

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