Thursday, September 19, 2013

Church tour 2

Fine motor skills involve the small muscles of the body that enable such functions as writing, grasping small objects, and fastening clothing.  When we refer to fine motor skills in the context of handwriting we are typically talking about the small muscles in the hands and fingers used for writing.

Peeling and sticking stickers improves the same muscles that students use for developing their pencil grasp. So this morning we used our fine motor skills to create artwork with stickers. Some of us who did it yesterday even made one to take home today.

In Jesus time today we continued to talk about Abraham and Sarah and how they had to wait to have their first child. We thought about things we have had to wait for and discussed how God gives us everything we need.
We enjoy our time outside. Some choose to 'hang' around

The girls made friends with some of the girls in Mrs. Hoehner's preschool class.

Riding the tricycles takes lots of strong large muscles.

Back on our classroom Audrey and Dominic set the table for snack

After snack we took a tour of the church. Those of us who went yesterday helped us learn about some of the things we saw.
The balcony is up high
The bells are are big!
Mr. Theolke what do you do? "I play the organ and the piano. I am in charge of all the music at church." We enjoyed looking at all of the instruments in the band room too.

We met Mrs. Wirkus in the church office and found out that she does a lot of the things that Mrs. Schmidt does in the school.
Then we talked to Pastor Reitz and Pastor Rouland. Pastor Reitz got us all wound up but we had a lot of fun. We learned that he, "wears a white dress on Sundays" Pastor Rouland clarified and told the kids that their job is to baptize people and marry moms and dads. Several of us were quick to inform him that our Mom's and Dad's are already married.

Back in the classroom we finished our Starry Night paintings by adding the buildings with black paint
We also worked on counting and identifying numbers by rolling the dice and then adding the same number of stars to our paper.

The girls made a zoo for all of the animals.

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