Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chapel Day

Early morning activities
Painting blue watercolor, we had to work hard to paint the whole page.

We cut apart the letters of our names and then saw how many letters are in our name

We are also going to compare the length our our names when everyone is done
Outside we are engaging with our friends more

Nicholas was very determined to move this stump. He started on the other side of the shed and kept going.

Continuing to persevere builds confidence and pride in self

The girls have be become great friends

We had chapel today. Pastor Rouland led chapel today. He played a game of Marco Polo with us to help us learn how the sheep listens to the shepherds voice. 

Closing our eyes and waiting for Pastor to shout "Marco"

Can you find him?
 Enjoying snack together we are getting pretty good at pouring our milk.

Enjoying books together

Photographer: Nathan's pictures

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