Monday, September 9, 2013

Partner Painting

We started off the morning by working on counting. I had each child put the correct number of frogs in each box.

Nathan was our weatherman today. He discovered that it was sunny and cloudy outside.

After Jesus time we put together Mat Man. (Some of us thought he looked like a monkey because of his big ears, but we talked about ways that we could make him look more like a boy or even a girl) I will post a video of us making Mat Man and this week will be the first week that someone gets to take Mat Man home and make him at home.

On our way to the playground we saw some heavy machinery at the building next door. They were getting ready to lay some new blacktop.

We stopped to watch for a while.

 They were very interested in this guy who was burning all the grass between the cracks.

We saw the big truck dump out the blacktop

When we finally made it to the playground we enjoyed the Jai Alai scoops in the rock pit

A few kids tried climbing the dome again. Getting closer.

I did it!

Collecting woodchips

During center time today we did a partner painting project. Each on got to pick a color and they had to work to control the box together to roll the balls.

 Class photographer photos by David

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