Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Moments of learning

This morning we had something new to play with. Keys. This pile of old keys gave us a few opportunities to investigate their properties. We sorted the keys by color: silver and gold. Then we also compared them to find ones that looked the same.

For Jesus time we went into the fellowship hall and watched a video about Joseph on the big screen. After the video we discussed how much Jacob and Rachel loved Joseph and how that made Joseph's brothers jealous.

The boys made some new friends outside today.

We learned a new song today to help us learn our right from our left, while also helping us learn a valuable skill, how to shake hands.
Give 'em your right hand, look 'em in the eye

Put a smile on your face

Then you say 'hi'
We practiced cutting and we had several students who had to make up some work from last week.

The boys like collecting all the magnet balls into the basket.

We ended the day with one of our favorite songs, Sticky Sticky Bubble Gum. Our heads are stuck to the floor with our bubble gum, the only way to get unstuck is to say unstick.

Photographer Dominic's Photos (getting much better at focusing the camera and keeping fingers off of the lens)

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