Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Partner Painting 2

This morning the whole group started to play a game where they pretended it was raining and hid under the leaf umbrella. Then they would say look the sun, there's a rainbow. After several rounds a few of them took up rations under the leaf.

We checked out the construction next door (new blacktop in the parking lot) again before heading to the playground. It wasn't quite as interesting to the group today (possibly because it was harder to see what was going on since the blacktop machine was so far away)

Nathan and Caleb worked together in the house

David found a new way to ride the bike

The boys dug in the rocks in the house.

Chloe and Alex show off their climbing skills.

Since our book orders came in Monday afternoon, we have new books to read.

We made Mat Man together today. Chloe got to take him home today; everyone will get a chance to take him home soon.

We did some partner painting today. The kids got to pick their partners today. Later on in the week Mrs. Helmkamp and Mrs. Schilling will pick their partners to encourage them to work with different students.

The rice table was a big hit with everyone today. 

Sensory play is an important part of early childhood development. It lets children explore and learn about their world through what they do best – play.  As children scoop up seeds or rice or other small items and fill up a container, they are discovering how much that container can hold before it overflows.. Sensory play promotes spacial awareness, mathematical thinking, and scientific exploration and discovery…
Read more: http://www.teachpreschool.org/2011/11/everyday-sensory-play-in-preschool/#ixzz2eXXIqyos

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