Monday, September 30, 2013

Baby Moses

This week in Jesus time we are learning about Baby Moses. We learned that God protected Baby Moses and kept him safe even though the bad King Pharaoh wanted to kill all the baby boys. Moses and his mother got to go live in the palace with the princess.
The girls had a picnic this morning!
 Before going to recess we practiced making letters H, F, and L We discovered that letters 'H' and 'F' have very quite sounds and to make the sounds for the letters 'F' and 'L' we need our teeth.
Using the wood pieces to make the letters 

It was very foggy this morning. We decided to stay up on the big playgrounds since in just a few more weeks it will be gone during construction.

We enjoyed playing with the other classes on the playground.

During center time today we practiced our letters in the sand. It was fun to write them in the sand.
 We also matched each of the letters with the correct letter and pictures.

We drew pictures of our school building. Late we will make observational drawings.

Since we talked about Baby Moses floating in the river we decided to find things in our classroom that sink and float as well.

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