Monday, September 16, 2013

Exciting Monday

Today we learned about Abraham and Sarah again. We talked about how God promised Abraham that he would have as many children as the stars in the sky. God kept his promise to Abraham and gave him a son, Isaac. We make books to remind us that God keeps his promises to us.

We talked about what we know about our school. This is the list the kids today came up with:
  • We have a cross on the roof
  • We have 3 playgrounds (the big one, the swings, and the preschool one)
  • There are kindergartners and 1st graders

We had a several unexpected exciting things to see today.  On our way to see the Elementary school building the recycling truck came to empty the paper bins. We got to watch one of the bins empty into the truck. 

We took a tour of the elementary building and met Mrs. Schmidt in the office. We found out that she answers the phones and helps people.

We also got to see the 8th grade rocket launch. Every year the 8th graders have to build 2 liter bottle, rockets. The rockets are then filled with water and air to make them fly through the air.

During center time we made Starry Night paintings in the style of Vincent Van Gogh. We also did 2 different Mat Man drawings one this morning and one after making Mat Man on the table.

At the end of the day we sang a song called Jump Up Turn Around. We had to follow the directions of the song while doing different things each verse.

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