Monday, November 25, 2013

Thansgiving Feast

We had a busy day today. 

We started this morning by making Christmas Countdown chains. We had to count out 12 red and 12 green pieces of paper. Then we stapled them together into a chain.

On our way to the playground we noticed that the man hole was open by the fence.

Nathan said, "I want to be a construction worker when I am grow up, because I want to go in that hole." (I told the construction worker who was getting ready to go in and he told me that Nathan was welcome to go down instead of him.

 We made popcorn for our feast. The kids loved watching it pop. It smelled so good.

We all gathered together in the Family Life Center. Mrs. Hoehner read a book while the feast was set up.

We sat together with our "Pilgrim" and "Wampanoag" friends for our feast of pumpkin cheesecake dip, graham crackers, grapes, apples, and popcorn.

After the feast we taught our friends our Thanksgiving Sign Language Song.

We also read a book that talked about a Little Pea that doesn't like to eat candy but loves his vegetables. Everyone put their finger on their nose if they liked candy.

At the end of the day we stated talking about the Christmas Story. We will continue the Christmas Story for the next few weeks adding more to it as we go.

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