Monday, November 4, 2013

Play Planks

We had a lot of fun this morning discovering the play planks. Thank you to Mrs. Stanglein's class for sharing them with us.

We used the wood pieces to practice making the letters "I" "T" "E" We also did the Tapping Song and sang the Alphabet song. We were also silly and sang the Alphabet song as a dog and lots of other animals. Singing the alphabet with barking instead helps kids work on the cadence of the song so that when they sing it saying the letters they sing a little slower and say each letter.

They were digging today with the backhoes so we stopped to watch
 We noticed that the backhoe has feet to keep in place.

We had a great time outside today even though it was a little colder.

Nathan, Brody, and Liam worked together to build a fire

Soon everyone joined them to keep warm.

Addie and Grace worked together to paint Grace's skyscrapper

The boys were busy constructing with some boxes.

They got out the tools and our new hard hats

Making changes to the construction

Moving over to the play planks started making a new structure. We haven't quite figured out how to use them on our own.
 We read the book "If I Built a House" In the book a boy describes the fun things he would put into his own house, such as a robot to cook and clean, a Race Car room, an Art room with paper on the walls, and Fish Tank Room.

In our journals we decided what kinds of rooms we would have some ideas included: a train room, a princess castle room, a race car room, and a Mario room.

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