Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bean Collages

Before school got started we wrote out name on 2 leaves and then said what we are thankful for.  The leaves are hanging on a tree on the bulletin board just inside our classroom.

We enjoyed the fresh air by playing in the leaves under the large oak tree behind the cemetery.  We worked together to make piles of leaves to jump in.

 At chapel, Mr. Hansen, our church DCE led our worship. He talked to us about being thankful and challenged us to help others to show God our thankfulness.
 During center time we made bean collages. We had to draw lines across our circle and then each section was a different kind of bean.

We also dyed noodles that we will use next week to make Indian necklaces for our Thanksgiving feast.
 Some of us also finished making our plates to show what we are thankful for by cutting out pictures from magazines to represent our ideas.

We have been practicing making letters on our magnet boards.

Photographer Liam's photos

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