Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving Food Drive

This morning we got to go to chapel with the whole school and take all of our food donations to the front. It was amazing to see all of the donations brought by the whole school.
 The student council led chapel and did a skit to help us remember to count our blessings.

The church was filled with Preschool - 8th grade

On our way to the playground we got to see the bulldozer moving dirt, getting ready for the new driving lane to open.
 During Center time today we made our Indian necklaces by lacing our noodles we colored last week onto string.

We also cut out feathers to make our headdresses.

After making their Pilgrim hats, the girls decided to wear them around the classroom for a while.

I know it isn't Christmas yet, but we made a Christmas tree project that I will be putting on Artsonia so that you can have it by Christmas.

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