Thursday, November 7, 2013

Play planks Buildings

We are getting a better idea on how to build with the play planks. We are learning spacial awareness as we carry them and learn how to move them. 

We haven't quite figured out how to make a door that can open and close without trapping our friends inside like a jail.

Before heading to the playground. We learned the story of Gideon. The Lord told Gideon to get an army together to defeat the Midanites. He was scared but God helped him just like he helps us. God even told Gideon to make his army smaller and only told them to carry torches and horns.

We were the only ones on the playground today. The building blocked the wind and we had a lot of fun running round.

We practiced our letter identification with a game where we had to find the letter that Mrs. Helmkamp held up and then color it on our sheet.

We got out all of our structures that we made and had a little city in our classroom.

The construction workers were very busy in their hard hats.

Class Photographer Chloe's pictures

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