Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rainy day

It was a rainy day but we were very busy in the classroom.
Construction workers built a train track

The girls cooked some meals this morning.

We finished our pilgrim hats

This morning Alex and Brody built a house

 Since it rained we played under the pavilion and watched the Bobcat and Bulldozer move dirt

 This morning we also worked on our Alphabet wall. We have pictures and words to practice putting them on the letter that they start with.

Everyone took a turn doing one word together as a group

During center time students could come up and do it on their own too.

We finished making our Indian hats so that we are all ready for our Thanksgiving feast.

We had to cut out feathers for how old we are.
We also made Christmas tree pictures that are available on Artsonia for Christmas presents.  We had to put the piece of paper on from smallest to biggest.

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