Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving feast 2

This morning we made Christmas chains to help us count down to the birth of baby Jesus.  Our chains start on December 1st.

I printed off some Thanksgiving coloring sheets for us to enjoy before chapel and our feast.

David made a letter "T" (later Caleb turned it into a propeller)

We braved the cold and enjoyed some time running around.

We decided to go to chapel today instead of Wednesday because it worked better for our feast.
 Mrs. Kuhlmann helped us make a "Thank You" card for God.

Before the feast we made some popcorn to share with our "Pilgrim and Indian" friends

The Pilgrims and Indians are ready to go
 We joined together with all the classes and Mrs. Hoehner read us a story about Pete the Cat's Thanksgiving.

We enjoyed our popcorn, pumpkin dip, grapes, apples, and graham crackers.

After the feast today, everyone came into our room to play. There were so many friends in our room but we had a great time and got everything thing cleaned  up quick.

Photographer Chloe got some pictures of the boys being silly

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