Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Painting Structures

We have a great set of 'Play Planks' in our room thanks to Mrs. Stanglein's class.
I helped the students today build their structure so that they can learn how to put the pieces together. We learned from yesterday that we needed to include a door so that we could get inside.

They enjoyed wearing their hard hats and using the tools to 'build'

They spent quite a bit of time inside the house this morning.

They decided they needed a door but couldn't quite figure out how to make it a door so that the people inside were not trapped.

We practiced making our letters 'I' 'T' and 'E'
 Since it was a rainy day we went for a walk. The kids decided that they wanted to pretend we were searching for monsters. We pretended that we had to cross rivers, walk on bridges, and search for hidden monsters.

During center time we spent some more time building. We also painted our structures that we built.

David had a few friends help him since his skyscrapper is so big.

We also made drawings in our journals. We read the book If I Built a House, in the book the boy decided if he built a house it would include rooms like a race car room, a flying room, and a fish tank room.  They all made their own choices for the room they would build in their own house.

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