Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mr Turkey

We started off the day in the gym with Mrs. Stanglien and Mrs. Hoehner's classes playing "What time is it Mr. Turkey?"
First we had to ask the "turkeys" in the middle "What time is it Mr. Turkey?"

Then they told us a time and we had to take that many steps toward the turkeys.

Each time we asked what time is it and we got closer and closer

When we got really close, the turkeys said it was MIDNIGHT

Then we had to run back before they tagged us. Those that were tagged became the new turkeys.

In Jesus time we helped Zippy feel better when he was scared.

And we learned about how David, the shepherd took care of the sheep and how God takes care of us.

We learned a Sing Language thank you song
 During Center time we talked about things we are thankful for. We looked for pictures in magazines and glued them on our Thanksgiving plates. We also wrote in our journals about what we do for Thanksgiving.

 Class Photographer Dominic's photos

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