Monday, December 15, 2014

Wrapping presents

Free Play time

making up work from last week
 Large motor play in the Commons. (you can tell it is getting close to Christmas break, many of us just ran and screamed today.)

Reading I've Seen Santa. We had fun trying to guess what would happen next.

During small groups we used different colors of masking tape to decorate a Christmas tree. It was good small motor practice to rip the tape and figure out how to keep it from curling up.

With Mrs. Helmkamp we drew a part of the Christmas story and explained the significance to the story.

We also wrapped our presents. Most students were ready to come home today others will finish up this week.

While some were wrapping presents others read books 
 We were super excited to use the bells that Mrs. Hoehner's class played for the Christmas Service. We had to watch the cards to find out when to ring our colored bell.

Playing in the gym. We got out some rubber rings that we tried to toss on cones.

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