Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Jesus party

We are all here!!!!

Thank you to the moms that helped out at our party today!

We started off by doing some small group centers.
One group colored Bingo Cards that we would use later for a game.

Another group got to stack cups

We made snowflakes with q-tips and glitter.

We also made Candy canes with a pattern pink, pink, white

For snack we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and had cupcakes

Then we played Bingo

and Snowman bowling

We had a little bit of free time after the party to finish up a few projects.

We had a lot of fun outside before getting out cots setup

For Jesus Time we used an app on my iPhone to build a Nativity scene. I gave the students clues and they had to guess which character I was talking about before we added it to the screen.

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