Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lots of Christmas trees

Free Play

Caleb, Brody, and David played Hide and Seek during free play. (Their hiding spots were pretty limited.)

For our attendance in the morning students have to match the first letter of their name to the rest of their name and decorate the Christmas tree.

Weather helper

We enjoy getting to go outside when we can.

We read The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever. The students were very excited to see when the 2 mice would find the tree they were looking for.

We made lots of predictions as to how they would get the tree home.

During small groups students used tacky glue to decorate a triangle with sequins. The triangles all fit together to make a beautiful Christmas Tree

We made Christmas chains to count down to Christmas. We each had to count 10 red and 10 green to make 20. (your chain will start tomorrow with 20 days to Christmas.)

We also colored Christmas tree. It was fun to see the different ways that students chose to decorate their trees.

With Mrs. Schilling students had to practice counting and determining sizes to put together a Christmas tree from the biggest to the smallest.

 Class photographer Emmy's pictures

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