Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Break!

We had a really really great day today! We got to have an extended free choice time because we were playing so well together!

We had a special snack of popcorn and hot chocolate. (Mrs. Helmkamp's "Fair Trade real cocoa" was not a big hit though, and I don't think it cooled off fast enough for many of us) We loved the popcorn though.

We also really enjoyed the Veggie Tales: St. Nicholas movie. I don't think any of us had seen it before. If you haven't watched a Veggie Tales movie before, they have some great humor for adults. References like, Grease is the Word when talking about Greece, Italy where St. Nicholas originated.

After the movie we played some dice games. With some of the dice we had to read the number and with others we could count the dots.
 Matching dice game where we rolled the die to see how many cards we could flip over to find matches.

Roll the dice and then use a marker to cover up the number rolled.

We had fun in the gym at the end of the day playing with balloons.

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