Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Preparing for Christmas

We were very excited to play with some new toys in our room today. We got the Manga Tiles from Mrs. Douglas' room!

  Checking the weather for the day

 We did go outside today. We will try to go outside as often as possible as long as the wind isn't too strong and the temperature isn't below 10 degrees.

 We got to play in Mrs. Mudd's room during the teacher collaboration time.

 During small groups we painted Christmas trees with forks and spoons.

 We decorated trees with ornaments by matching the number on the top of the tree
 We made our names on strips and compared the length of our name to the other students.

During Jesus time we started talking about preparing for Jesus' birth. Watched a video about Mary and Joseph hearing from the Angel of God that Jesus would be born.

Class Photographer Delaney's pictures

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