Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas trees

Free playtime

 We played with wrapping paper today during free play time. We wrapped blocks, play food, pillows, and many other items. It was good practice with scissors and using tape. They are ready to help with your holiday wrapping. :-) maybe with a little more practice

Miss Kirby led chapel today and shared with us her Thanksgiving. She talked about what Thanksgiving means.

In small groups we colored christmas trees.

Some students made Christmas trees practicing counting and going from biggest to smallest.

We decorated triangles that we are using to make a collaborative Christmas tree. We got to practice using small drops of glue.

We made Christmas chains counting 10 red and 10 green to make 20 chains. You can use your chain to count down the days till Christmas

Students who had made their Christmas tree and chain yesterday got to work on stringing cereal to decorate our Christmas tree.

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