Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Waiting to go into the gym for the Groundbreaking Ceremony!

We had front row seats!

Pastor Rouland, Mr. Debrick, and Mark Lekar (congregational president) turning over the first shovels of dirt

We each got to shovel a spoonful too!

We added our spoonfuls to a bucket. The dirt will be used to make an art piece for the lobby of the new building.

Looking at some blueprints in the classroom.

Reading a story about the steps of construction 
We went to the office to see the architect's blueprints of the new building.

Checking out the new rooms

 We became architects in our classroom, using rulers to make our own blueprints.

Trying out our new center where we move the number rocks from the quarry to the dump truck based on the number on the card. This activity helps us practice counting and learning one to one correspondence.

New scoops and machines to explore in the rock table

Dancing with partners for the silly dance contest
David wanted to make roads for the cars.

Class photographer Dominic's pictures

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