Monday, October 21, 2013

Sidewalk work

During Jesus time today we brought gifts up to the table just like the Isrealites did when building the tabernacle in the desert. We brought up jewels, cloth, and special ribbon.

On the way to the playground we stopped to watch them move rock for the new sidewalk

We thought it would be pretty cool to drive the big machine.

Moving rock ourselves.

watching the rocks jump when we tap them.

Getting ready for a picnic

busy working

driving the cars on the road we made

Deciding what we want to build for our construction project and making the blueprints
 We also made lists of items we need in order to build our structures.

The picnic is ready
At the end of the day we checked out the forms for the sidewalk. We read a book about how a sidewalk is made. We talked about how the wood keeps the concrete from oozing out until it gets hard.
 Photographer Nathan's pictures

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