Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cardinals Day

We had 100% participation in Cardinal red!
We made Baby Moses in a basket this morning after reading our story about Moses.

We cut had to cut grass to hide baby Moses.

While the others finished their baby Moses' the girls did some cutting of their own in the writing center.

 This may be the last day on the big playground!

We drew pictures of our school to help us remember what it looks like now.

Observational Drawings can help children learn how to draw more realistically. Practicing looking at objects and trying to make the representation on their paper can help them learn how to make to draw  on their own and give them confidence.
We had lots of great pictures from the front of the school

And the back of the school.This is where the new Commons (cafeteria) and classrooms will be added on!

Back in the classroom for some time to play.

When we got back I had the students tell me about their drawings so that I could write the words.

Classroom photographer: Dominic

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