Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chapel Day

We enjoyed playing with all the balls in the gym today along with Mrs. Stanglein's class.

We talked about squares, rectangles, circles, and even octagon. We made the shapes with the wood pieces and found things in our classroom that were the same shapes.

 We also practiced how to hold our crayon. The song tells us what we are supposed to do with each of our fingers to make a 'tripod' grip.

 Using small pieces of crayons helps us to strengthen our finger muscles and hold the crayon with the tip of our fingers.

Nathan and Alex made a letter"E" with the pipes.

and a letter "T"

We added rocks to our exploration table and new scoops to try.

In chapel today Mrs. Douglas played the guitar and taught us a new song called, "I'll
Do My Best"

Bowing after taking our offering basket up to the alter.

Red and Yellow make Orange! We are going to use our orange papers to make pumpkins.

We enjoyed our new construction materials. 

Especially putting out the 'caution' tape

I had each of the students tell me what they knew about Construction and Building.

Class Photographer: Nathan's Photo

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