Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Baby Moses 2

Thursday is Cardinals Day don't forget!

This week we are learning about Moses in Jesus time. We learned that God kept Moses safe wherever he was just like he keeps us safe.

Since the big playground is soon to be closed when construction starts, we have decided to enjoy it while we can.

It offers many climbing challenges.

This morning we worked on making letters H, L, and F. We learn on our letters by starting with the ones that are the easiest to write. We noticed that when we make the "H" sound our mouth is open. When we make the "L" sound our tongue is between our teeth, and with the "F" sound we put our teeth on our lip.
 We also thought looked at pictures of things that start with each letter.

We also made Flubber today. See Recipe
We decided to use both the blue and the pink to color our flubber

It made purple!

After mixing the borax and water solution with the water and glue solution it starts to get slimy

Then more flubber like 
(Not sure if it was the different recipe I used or the non Elmers glue but it started out a little wetter than normal.

We had a lot of fun playing with the flubber.

We wrote the letters H, L, and F in the sand to practice how to form the letters.

We drew pictures of the school in preparation of our observational drawings we will make later in the week. There are big changes coming at school and we are ready to see them happen.

Class Photographer Chloe's Pictures

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