Monday, October 7, 2013

Fire Drill

Today really was the last day on the big playground. The started taking down the fence this afternoon. Tomorrow we will be walking around the school to get to the preschool playground.

We had to switch our schedule around because we had a fire drill today. The fireman were at school to see how quickly we can exit.

Nicholas is doing the weather for the day and marking the temperature on our thermometer

We enjoyed playing with the new pipes and seeing what we could build

We found that we could put the little magnet balls through the pipes.

Red and Yellow make orange. We finger painted  our paper to turn it into pumpkins later.

We each made our own web to document what we already know about building and construction. We will continue to learn about construction and add more items to our classroom as we talk about building

In the Sticky Bubble Gum Song we have to show how big we blow our bubble. 
Sticking your fee to someone else

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